8 x 30 Waterproof Roof Prism review

Horizon WP8 x 30 Roofs

Horizon WP8 x 30 Roofs

This binocular is better than advertised! The photo of the binocular makes it look possibly like plastic. It is not. It is a rubber armor-coated deep black. It is compact and elegant. It is under six inches long and under 5 inches wide. The statistics state the minimum focusing distance is 30 feet. It is not –mine focused down to only 15 feet –crystal clear! What a pleasant surprise! The binocular case is perfect for this binocular. Unlike many other binocular cases this one allows you to simply drop the binoculars straight in without having to fold the binoculars closed. I can use my binoculars with or without eyeglasses. I tested this for both ways. It is better suited for someone without eyeglasses, but can be confidently lent to your friends or spouse with eyeglasses. They can see adequately, but I would not recommend it as primary binocular if you must wear eyeglasses. It is small and light enough to lend to a younger person to view. This is a very versatile pair of binoculars! I chose the 10X30 size for a day at the beach, seaside, riverside or whatever water-related activity. The 10X feature is better suited to view distant ships or lighthouses. If you want a wider angle for viewing sporting events, or a play, I recommend try the 8X Floatmaster. I plopped the binoculars in a bucket of water to test its ability to float. I really hesitated doing this ! I never submerged a pair of binoculars in my life. I was delighted to find that it floats! No, it did not leak. It did not float like the image on the website. The large lenses pointed up vertically. This is important to know. When I take it to the river or ocean I shall wrap bright yellow tape around the end so I can ACTUALLY SEE the binoculars if they go into the water. I suspect trying to spot black binoculars in the ocean or river may not be easy. All in all, I highly recommend these binoculars, either the 8X or 10X may just be the only pair of binoculars you may ever need in any weather!  The Price? From £100 to £250

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3 responses to “8 x 30 Waterproof Roof Prism review

  1. I have a pair of these that I carry with me pretty much everywhere. I paid about £200 for them a year of so ago and think that’s a brilliant deal. I see they are less than £100 now, I might get another pair!

  2. Hey, great review. Never known anyone brave enough to put a pair of £100 binos in a bucket of water!!

  3. ashish thakur

    hi..i think this bino is a beauty.It was really worth to buy this one as i live in humid and wetty place like vizag.

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