Review of Zeiss 7 x 42 Roofs


Zeiss Roof Prism Binoculars

Zeiss Roof Prism Binoculars

I’ve had a pair of 7x42s for twelve years. They have been used almost daily for birding, hunting(in all kinds of lousy conditions),and on our sailboat(in lousy weather). Three years ago the focusing wheel got sticky so I sent them back to Alexandria, Va. for cleaning. They came back regreased and have performed flawlessly. My wife has had a pair of 10x40s for eight years. They haven’t been used quite as hard, but nevertheless have performed wonderfully. The 10s are better for stationary targets. The 7s are better for following movement, because they have a wider field of view, and are better in acquiring the target again because of the wider view. The 7s are of course brighter than the 10s(lower magnification and larger objective lens), and with the wider field are hands down my favorite. The rubber armoring on both models absorb some shock and provide a tough non-skid surface that is helpful onboard the boat or when laying on an otherwise slippery surface. I’ve handled lots of binos and to me Zeiss is the worth the price. The price? Around £1,500


One response to “Review of Zeiss 7 x 42 Roofs

  1. Someone likes Zeiss! Look at the nikons of the same spec. with the realtree camo. Good value and there are some good alteratives around too

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