Uk Binoculars are an authorised dealer for Horizon Opicals in the UK. Horizon have over 30 years experience in manufacture and design of high quality optical devices. Most of the products are built to exacting military standards, in fact most are not available to the general public. UK Binoculars can offer a select range of Horizon products in strictly limited quantities. Our prices are extremely keen, so our stock does not hang around for long.

we offer our binoculars on a first come first served basis. We think this is the fairest way to do it. All Horizon Binoculars come with a 5 year Guarantee, with the exception of the waterproof model. These carry a 10 year waranty.

Some of the binoculars we sell have a lifetime waranty. This means the natural life time of the user. It tends to be the more expensive models, but sometimes it will apply to lower priced ones too. We also offer an extra 30 day money back Guarantee on selected models, the ones we really like.

This is going to ba a review site with general info on how to buy and what to avoid. Not just our stuff too, we’ll cover as much as we can without getting restrained by the courts. 🙂


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